It was nice to be outdoors and running again. The 2 day rest did my body and mind good. I must confess that i was not keen on the run this evening, when the weather changed from a bit of sun to clouds, and from 16 degrees to around 12. The negativity kicked in..A peanut butter sandwich and a nice cup of hot coffee an hour before my run gave me the motivation i desperately needed. At 5 pm i started my running stretches before i left home for my “FIX”. The first 1.7km started as usual with a gentle incline. To those that don”t know most of my running is done around a water reservoir, it is a measured circle of 800 m and are nicely tarred. My reason for training at Molteno Reservoir, no traffic, no prima donnas, excellend 3d uninterrupted views of the great 3’s (Table Mountain, Devils Peak and Lions Head really a stone throw from me. Oops i nearly forgot the views over The City Bowl looking into Central Cape Town towards The Waterfront and Table View, Blouberg etc. Ok, back to my run. I managed to do 10 laps averaging around 5.20 k’s. Must admit my left hamstring still tender after Bastille. Finished the evening with 10,8 km just under an hour. Happy and glad i went to run tonight, however i am a bit worried about my left hammie. Till soon. Ps: Google Molteno to get a better understanding why i run there.


Day 2 of resting. My lower and upper back still a bit tender, legs still tired its not excuses. I am hoping to start with a gentle 8 to 10 km run tomorrow. I am very lazy when it comes to using the roller for my legs…don’t have a choice today, as it will speed up the recovery. A swim will definitely also help but to darn cold (Cape Town temperature a 10) hell no! i am not to going outside the house, although the pool is indoors it’s just to much effort getting there and back. Till soon.

Bastille Day, 25 km Trail Race, done and dusted and now I am recovering. I completed the race in 52th position, and 1st, in the master category. It was a circular route. The terrain was mountainous and many technical single tracks. There were some real challenging uphills (where i ended up walking most of the time) with extreme technical descends and slippery rocks in the way for fun (I presume), some rock climbing now and then and three slippery freezing cold river crossings where I slipped, tumbled and took a unplanned dive in the last crossing. The 25 km started at 8 am with a light drizzle and really cold conditions. Thanks to my nifty shoes, Adidas Terrex Agravic waterproof shoes, Thermal quick wic longsleeve top, Asics Waterproof feather light jacket, Nike running tights and gloves and two buffs, I was ready and well protected against mother nature’s weather elements on the day. A month before the event I fell ill and got strict doctors orders to rests for two weeks! This lead to so much frustration for me as this hampered proper preparation on the trails. I was still determined to race no matter what. I started off very slow and was very cautious of the distance ahead. The front runners attacked the first of many inclines while i dropped back to the middle of the pack. Three kilometers into the race I was running alone with no one around me as the leading group just disappeared in the heavy mist as we ran higher onto the mountain paths. The middle and back groups was also nowhere to be seen. The paths were narrow and at times slippery. While running, loads of fears and thoughts went through my mind e.g. like tripping and rolling down the mountain with no one in sight. So with full alertness and concentration I was watching my steps, making sure I was running on the correct trails. Twice I tripped but managed to control my balance that prevented me from falling at the 6km mark. Although the route was well marked, I still had the fear of perhaps going off course and getting lost. My first river crossing was at the 9 km mark and for the first time since 3 km’s, I could see a runner ahead of me. We ran on the right hand side of the river and at a certain point we had to cross by trying to step on the rocks in the water. After running a few hundred meters on the left hand side, we had to cross again with the rocks this time too far apart for my short legs, forcing me to submerged my feet in the icy water to get to the other side. After another 1 km on the right hand side of the river, we had to cross that same river again…but this time there was no rocks to step on, i basically had to do a half dip or swim to get to the other side. During the duration of the race, I twisted my ankle about 4 times! The pain of my ankle and middle foot was sometimes unbearable on the technical down hills. My pre – race plan was to hammer the last 5 km of the race, however my wheels came off with 8 km to go. I tried to get going again but the ascents, rock climbing, technical descents and the water crossings caught up with my under trained legs. I had to grind and tip toe trying to run sub 5.30 per km and the multiple ankle twisting of my ankle did not help on the flats and descents. I got so exited when I saw the finishing area in the near distance. However not knowing I had to climb another 1 km uphill and a long technical down hill, with a throbbing foot. To cap it all, the final river was waiting… I must admit I ended up walking, running and sort of swimming to get to the other side and had to endure another 1.5 km of mud and sand before I eventually crossed the finishing line. Will i do it again?, a definite crazy YES! What a race!