By listening to the Best of Bob Marley this afternoon, did wonders for my 6 km run with Cloud this evening. We started our run into a wind speed of 25 km/h. Surprising there was no complaints from Cloud during the early stages. The pace was slow as the first 1.8km has a steady incline. I normally run my own pace when we enter Molteno Reservoir. I felt very good averaging 4.30 p/km for the 2km around the reservoir. Our 2km back home was slower as Cloud was battling against the headwind. Get up Stand Up ( BM) came to the fore at that time. Till soon.


After listening to the complete Queen “Live at Wembley” today i was really on a high for my short run with Cloud, my side kick and not side chick. I felt much better tonight than Wednesdays Apple Tart nightmare run. Although we only covered 6 km it was sufficient for me after coming out of a 2 hr meeting this afternoon. I am still trying to find my Mojo but i can feel it crawling slowly towards me..whats this space. I still need to find a trail race that will help me with my motivation. Good weekend all, Till soon

Not groovy, its been a while since my last updates. I need to start working on getting my running Mojo back. My training and racing motivation sprinted “Usain Bolt” away from me nearly 2 months ago. Of the record, thanks to Michael Jackson “more like off the wall” “if the world is on your shoulders” i am confessing on only running 30 min every second day. How disgusting. I am going through negative and some serious shitty depressing anti running one man boycotts. Shit happens but I thought I was immune to it. No one is to blame for my feeling sorry big ass not training problems. However i am a sucka for allowing myself to get too involved with non related stressful of the record personal issues of others. Now some of that issues are taking a toll on me. F’k how did Superman cope, or was he fake? I’m overweight and touching a mild semi depression as i am entering forbidden ground ‘The Biggest Loser Competition’ No jokes this is serious. #Enough #My stomach must come down #I must get motivated to run again #concentrate on me for a change # #I will rise again according to Pink Floyd ‘shine on your crazy diamond’ Till soon.

Tonight there was no Ebony and Ivory as per ( Stevie W and Paul Mc ), Cloud worked late resulting in me running all by myself ( Celine Dion ) I kept on thinking that i’m alone ( Tiffany ) as i was, while hammering the 2 km incline towards Molteno Reservoir, with a heart rate of 158!! Why this hard i can’t explain. At the flat area i dropped back to the 150’s and that was more relaxing. However on my way back home i again ended up close to 160. I have not pushed this hard in a very long time ‘not the Betty Wright’ song. The disadvantages of this 6 km run is the traffic and the roads i need to cross to get to the reservoir and back. I got home 31 min later, with Cloud not far behind coming from work. I want to ride my bicycle ( Queen ) as Cloud just started her indoor cycling for 30 min. Till Soon.

Oh what a night, not the ‘Frankie Valli’ song. Being on a week leave made me extremely lazy. I have been singing ‘Don’t leave me this way’ by The Communards for the past two mornings, but to no avail. Cloud went working. However she is considering send me into ‘Rehab’ thank you Rihanna, because of my abnormal behavior for the past two days ’48 hours’ not the Eddie Murphy movies, She always maintained that i can’t do or say any thing that will surprise her!! In fact she brainwashed me in believing that i was as predictable as our National Rugby Team ‘aka known as The Lame Boks. For the past two days i did something extra non ordinary, ‘Nobody told me’ and to mix it up ‘Imagine’ as sung by my favourite Beatle. I watched movies, with our two dogs namely Mr Harry and Rose, alright they did not watch, but made their presence known. When Cloud called me this morning i was somewhere in Mexico, with Salma Hayek ‘damn’ and it was not ‘Adios’ time yet. I asked her to call back later. The second time she messaged me i was in the White House with President Iraq ‘Bush’ and him whistling ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ Thank goodness Mr Trump wasn’t around then, imagine hearing the future American Anthem “The Wall’ Anyway let me get back to our run this evening. We went for a easy to me and medium pace to her. Starting with a 2 km of moderate road inclines, followed by 2 km flat area and finishing with a 2 km downhill section back home. Now that i am doing more runs with her, i have noticed that her running strides, breathing, up hill running and speed is improving with every run. Hard works has it’s rewards. Till Soon.